The Objective of the Placement Cell is to organize career guidance programmes for all the students, starting from the first year itself. The cell arranges training programmes like Mock Interviews and Group Discussions, for students who are interested in joining the Government Sector. It also invites HR Managers & Technical Experts from different industries to conduct training programmes for students. The Cell also provides career counselling and guidance to its students. Special focus is given to encouraging the students for entrepreneurship.

BSDU provides a platform to facilitate interaction between students and companies, so that both can find the best match as per their aspirations and requirements. Our students are a product of rigorous thinking, hard work and skill fundamentals. The University promotes a host of student activities to improve their soft skills, which are imperative for one to excel in his/ her work platform. Besides, the University promotes various activities through student clubs and cells.
We highly value our partnership with recruiters and remain committed to making the recruiting experience productive and positive. The placement team extends a warm welcome to all the recruiters to visit the University and test our budding talents. We hope that recruiters and students will create synergies and find the best match between their needs and capabilities.

Students with experience in industry:

BSDU follows the Swiss-dual model of training, wherein students spend 6 months every year doing industry internships. The Internship Program ensures that every student spends adequate time working in the industry every alternate semester. It exposes them to real life applications and provides hands-on experience in a collaborative environment.

Balanced Personalities:

We believe wholeheartedly in helping students develop their potential in every field of their interest. Soft skill and aptitude building are made part of the class-room experience, through presentations and open-ended learning components.

Extracurricular activities:

Student managed clubs and events give them further avenues to express themselves and develop skills beyond academics.


We have been successful in maintaining our high Internship &Placement statistics. Our ingenious alumni have set new standards in the corporate world through their estimable contributions and it is our firm conviction that we will continue that legacy in the years to come.

Girishma Parihar,
Training & Placement Officer
B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA
Mob: +91 8696933324
Email: girishma.parihar@ruj-bsdu.in
She has been working for the last 10 years in training & placing young graduates.
She has been awarded by various social organizations for her contribution to promote women empowerment and various social causes.

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