1. PCB Design & Fabrication Lab 1:The lab has chemical process NVIS 1800 system (Chemical based PCB manufacturing), Solder MaskingLegend Printing and PTH Arrangement.
  2. One EP42 Auto Prototype Machine is also available for engraving, drilling and routing. The lab has both Through Hole (TH) and Surface Mount Device (SMD) component mounting facility.
  3. PCB Lab – 2The lab has Solder Paste Printer, Reflow Oven and Pick & Place Machinefor SMD component mounting. PCB designing software like KiCAD and Tina are also available.
  4. Robotics Lab: 3 Industrial Robots, from ABB, one each for pick and place, arc welding and vision-controlled have been installed in the Lab. 3 more robots from TAL Systems are also awaiting arrival and will be operation soon. These are voice-controlled, gesture controlled and vision controlled robots.

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