The School of Office Administration provides training to students to become proficient in running the institution smoothly, systematically and in a well organised manner. It includes routine daily activities that are related to financial planning, Record keeping, billing, personnel, physical distribution and logistics, within an organization that are required to be performed by the Office Administrator as he plays a significant part in any organizational set-up regardless of the scale. Many administrative positions require the candidate to have an advanced skill set in the software applications Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, office administrator is responsible to ensure that the administrative activities run efficiently, by providing structure to other employees throughout the institution. These activities can range from being responsible for the management of human resources budgets, records, to undertaking the role of supervising other employees. These responsibilities can vary depending on the employer and level of education.

Skills Set Required

The importance of an office administrator to an organization is substantial due to the duties that they are entrusted with, therefore specialized training is required in order for the employee to work efficiently and productively, these are;

Infrastructure and Equipment

The School will have a modern, fully functional office for hands-on practice for students.  It will have the latest office equipment used world over for training its students.  It will include office automation machines like computers, projectors, video conferencing, paper shredders, reprographic equipment and printers, front office, access control, etc. backed by appropriate software packages, storage and backup arrangements.

Programmes Offered

Faculty Members and Trainers

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