The school of Electrical skills was established in the month of July, 2017 with a mission to impart quality education along with extensive hands-on training in electrical laboratories and industries. This will enable the graduates and postgraduate students to demonstrate their electrical skills in order to formulate and solve practical problems with proficiency and integrity. The school offers a vibrant environment for the students to get trained with expertise and complete know how, based on the Swiss Dual System of training. This pattern combines theory and job oriented hands on training skills for installation and commissioning, maintenance and testing of electrical systems in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. At present the School of Electrical Skills offer programs leading to


The renewable energy technology (RET) skill program is being started from July, 2018 aiming to impart quality education with extensive hands-on training in the area of renewable energy technologies and energy conservation. Energy plays a key role in the development and economic growth of a country. Thus the growth of energy sector is critical for socio-economic development particularly for rural areas. In Indian context, it is a great challenge to provide affordable energy services to the population. India is fortunate in having a lot of renewable energy resources like solar, wind, wave, etc. The renewable energy sources offer a critical solution to the India’s rapidly increasing energy demand challenges. More importantly, hundred years from now, there might not be any fossil fuels left. The importance of renewable energy is indispensable. Hence, the renewable energy field promises a lot in terms of sustainability and jobs prospects. The renewable energy sector provides excellent career opportunities for the smart and innovative minds. The field does not only present scientific and technological opportunities but also in the field of design, creativity, commercialization and business development. As per the experts, in future renewable energy sector is one of the top three career choices for making an impactful career.

The Smart Power System incorporates controllers, information and communication technologies in to electrical power system to create a smart grid in terms of infrastructure. The smart power system utilizes real time data monitoring and control techniques to create more efficient, reliable and responsive networks. The M. Voc. (Smart Power System) program under the school of Electrical Skills was started in academic session 2018-19. The main focus of the program is to deliver real-time monitoring, control, and advanced protection techniques to enhance reliability and security of the power networks. The program is dedicated towards network management, smart metering, efficient transmission and distribution of power, improve security and protection. Moreover, the School also offers the Ph.D. in the areas of power system, renewable energy technology and smart grid.


After completion of the program, the students will:
B. Voc. Program (Electrical Skills )
Advanced Diploma (Electrical Skills)
Diploma (Electrical Skills)
Skill Certificate (Electrical Skills)
B.Voc. (Renewable Energy Technology Skills)
Advanced Diploma (Renewable Energy Technology Skills)
Diploma (Renewable Energy Technology Skills)
Skill Certificate (Renewable Energy Technology Skills)
M. Voc. Program (Smart Power System)
P.G. Diploma (Smart Power System)

Infrastructure and Equipment

The School of Electrical Skills Labs are well-equipped with the latest state-of-the art machines, Instruments and training kits. These include

Electrical Lab consists of following Trainer Kits: -

  1. Electro Technology Trainer
  2. Electrical Machine Trainer
  3. House Wiring Trainer
  4. Fire Alarm Trainer
  5. Antitheft Trainer
  6. Transformer Trainer
  7. U.P.S Trainer
  8. Lift Elevator Trainer
  9. Industrial PLC/SCADA Trainer
  10. Solar Technology Trainer

Additional hardware includes power supplies with variable and fixed ac/dc, resistive, inductive and capacitive loads, rheostats, changeover switches, measurement meters such as Digital storage oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters, wattmeter's, tachometer, Megger and Earth Tester and having a Solar Power Plant of 160 kWp in the campus.

The Renewable Energy Technology Skills lab equipped with following lab facilities to provide hands on training to the students

  1. Solar Simulation System 
  2. Solar PV Tracking System
  3. Charge Controller Training System
  4. DC-DC and DC-AC Converter System Setup
  5. PV Module Training System
  6. PV Module Technology Training System
  7. Spectral Response Training System
  8. Carrier Life Time Measurement System
  9. PV Integration System
  10. Solar PV Efficiency Measurement System
  11. Solar PV Training & Research System
  12. Solar PV Grid Tied Training System
  13. Solar PV Emulator 

School of Electrical Skills Labs

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