Milan Sasmal, PhD
Assistant Professor-I

General Introduction


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General Introduction

Milan is a PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and presently a faculty member in the University’s School of Computing Skills. His research expertise lies in the area of nanomaterial—based electronic sensors. He was a visiting researcher in two of the Universities in South Korea for a short tenure. Prior to his assignment at BSDU, he held the academic position in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication at VKB Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pune in Maharashtra, India. 


In summary, his specialization is twofold— synthesis- characterization of nanomaterials and fabrication of electronic devices for various sensor applications. His research credentials relate mainly to experimental studies. He is good at using different tools for electrical, optical and morphological characterizations which include PLV 50 probe station with B1500 semiconductor parameter analyser, UV-Vis and PL spectroscopy, to name but a few. He is into simulation of electronic devices and VLSI design using the EDA tool. He is looking forward to establishing his own group for interdisciplinary research in microelectronics and VLSI technologies. 

Qualifications : PhD (Nanoelectronic Devices, IIT Kharagpur)
Experience : 5 Years
Designation : Assistant Professor-I

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I am offering a full-time PhD position under my supervision. Interested and motivated students to take up research in nanoelectronics / devices / VLSI are welcome. These positions are financially supported by the university. Students with a Master's degree (MTech) in electrical and electronics engineering or in relevant engineering disciplines are desired for this position. Interested applicants must apply via the on-line portal of the university once the advertisement is published. You can also write to me at regarding the scope of the research area. Please mention in your CV, your expertise and skills that meet our needs. Thank you for your interest in working with me.

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