• Dr. Kumkum Garg
    Professor and Dean, Faculty of Informatics & Automation
    PhD (Imperial College London, UK)
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  • Mohanjit Singh Walia, MBA
    Principal, School of Automotive Skills
    MBA(Punjab University), BE (Mechanical Engineering, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Patiala)
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  • S.K. Jhajharia, PhD
    Professor & Principal
    PhD (Power Electronics)
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  • Dr Surat Singh
    Principal General Education
    MA, Ph. D. (Political Science)
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  • Col (Dr) R K Gosain
    Provost, Principal Office Administration
    MBA, Ph.D (HRM)
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  • Prof (Dr.) Ravi Kumar Goyal
    Director (Admissions) & Principal, School of Entrepreneurship Skills
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  • Dr. Iqraz Nabi Khan
    Principal Construction Skills
    ME (Civil), PhD (IIT Roorkee)
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  • Shishir Chandra Bhaduri, PhD
    Professor and Principal, School of Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration Skills
    PhD (HVAC Engineering, IIT Roorkee)
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  • Ritwik Basu, PhD
    Associate Professor and Principal (In-charge), School of Metal Construction Skills
    PhD (Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, IIT Bombay)
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  • Commander (IN Retd) Anil Rana, PhD
    Professor and Principal, School of Carpenter Skills
    PhD (Reliability Engineering, IIT Delhi)
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  • Daniel Egli
    Project Manager, School of Manufacturing Skills
    BSc Energy and Environmental Technology, FHNW
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  • Mr. R. A. Dubey
    Project Manager Construction
    M.Tech (Thermal Engineering)
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  • Daniel Javet
    Project Manager
    Masters in Vocational subjects from Zurich University of Teacher Education
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  • Matthias Faeh
    Project Manager
    Diploma in Job Attendant with Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education HEP Arbeitsagogik Burgistein, Switzerland
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  • Marcus Flepp
    Project Manager, School of Metal Construction Skills
    Masters (SECO)
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  • Dr C P Sharma
    Ph.D in Horticulture
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