Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi

About six years ago, I realized that after Second World War, European countries especially Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc. have developed their economies and their unemployment rate has fallen drastically. India, who got independence almost at the same time, is still considered a developing economy. The reason for this I found lies in proper policies and implementation of skills training in European countries which is lacking in India. India has tremendous manpower but devoid of Skilled Manpower resulting in huge wastage of human resource. The urge to do something different and desire to do it for the Indian youth inspired me to bring Swiss Dual System of Skills Training to India and in order to implement it, I initiated the thought of starting a Skill University here in Jaipur. Today, I am pleased to be the Founder Chairperson of the Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur which is unique, different and first of its kind in India and different in its curriculum and training standards. Indeed, I would be watching with lots of satisfaction and pride when I see BSDU playing a leading role in Skills Training in India.

I am sure the BSDU training standards will produce truly World Class Skilled professionals trained on most advanced equipment available in the world and Swiss Model of Skills Training will help in furnishing practical proof of its efficacy, increase in production and will have a positive effect on youth un-employability. I wish Bhartiya Skill Development University a grand success.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi


Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur

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