The need for Plumbing Services arises for maintenance of public health and environmental requirements emanating from the water industry and the need for proper sanitation, of the many key activities carried out in the construction sector, plumbing is one of the main constituents which also has a direct linkage with other ancillary industries manufacturing plumbing related products viz. water treatment, sewage and drainage, fire safety, supply of gas, heating and cooling systems, industrial waste management, air-conditioning etc.

The size of plumbing sector is directly proportional to the size of the construction sector; it is around 10% of the size of construction industry. About 90% of the Plumbing industry workforce in India is not professionally trained. Lack of professionally trained plumber is a major drawback for the country.

School of Plumbing Skills is a new school being establish by BSDU with effect from academic session 2019-20. BSDU will initially start only one modular B. Voc program. The program will start with six months Certificate, which will be raised to Diploma in one year, Advanced Diploma in two years and B. Voc in three years. Like all other programs of BSDU, B. Voc Plumbing Skills will also have a multiple entry and exit options.


After completion of the program, the student will:

B. Voc.

Advanced Diploma


Skill Certificate

Infrastructure and Equipment

The school is being established with state-of art infrastructure for world class quality of training. School has state of the art class rooms and plumbing laboratories. There are open to sky and covered yard for practicing the skills in initial stage than applying the skills on real projects on campus. School has close association with world class manufactures.

School of Plumbing Skills has modern infrastructure and latest equipment’s. Hand Tools Like Rule, Tape, Square, Chisel, Hand Saw, Pipe Wrench, Pipe Vies, Pipe Die Stock, Pipe Die, Pipe Tap, Pipe or Burring Reamer, Tubing Cutter, Flaring Tool, PVC Pipe Cutter, Pipe Cutter, Acid Brush, Propane Torch, Wire Brush, PVC, Glue Teflon, Tape, Pipe Joint, Compound, Hose Clamp, Galvanized Pipe Black Pipe, Check Valve Gate Valve Ball Valve, Plumbers Tape, Cock Valve, HoseBib, Globe Valve, U-bolt etc.

The school also has personal protective equipment (for the use of hand, power and pneumatic tools) like Footwear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Gloves, Masks/Respirators, Eye Protection, Clothing, Sunscreen.

The plant is equipped with generator, compressor, a range of cleaning equipment including high pressure water cleaner, wet/dry vacuum, brooms and brushes, Scrapers, etc.

Programmes Offered

Faculty Members