Agriculture sector is a substantial part of Indian economy and employs the largest number of people. With the advent of new technology, the old agriculture skill set does not meet the present day agriculture requirements. Many new technologies and equipments are being introduced in the farm sector and thus there is a need for skills training in agriculture sector to cater to the emerging requirements. BSDU is establishing a state-of the-art Agricultural Skills Training School with a farm attached. The school mainly concentrates on educating the youth in skills required for latest farming activities like Farm Machinery, Protected Farming, Dairy Farming, Poultry Farming, Green House Technology, Horticulture, Seed Nurseries, Drip Irrigation etc.

Though there is scope for a number of bachelor’s programs in agriculture related areas but BSDU will initially offer only one B.Voc program in agriculture skills with effect from academic year 2018-19.


After completion of the program, the student will:

B. Voc.

Advanced Diploma


Skill Certificate

Infrastructure and Equipment

The school is being established with state-of art infrastructure for world class quality of training. in natural environment before exposure to real project activities going on our Campus.

Programmes Offered

Faculty Members